Dan Erlewine's recent Trade Secrets has inspired me to undo all the damage I inflicted on my old LG-0. His logo replacement looked just like my guitar, but the peg head face on the LG-0 was semi gloss, almost like paint. Any suggestions on how to achieve this without spray equipment?

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Photos and info on "damage inflicted" would be helpful.

I refuse to confess all my sins, so we'll confine ourselves to the peg head. Attached is my guitar post "improvement" . I was inspired by Ronnie Montrose's LP Special. This guitar has had several sets of tuners, each worse than the next. The final (hopefully) tuners are new Klusons that will no doubt be better than the original Klusons, that I probably still have.

Here is a picture I found of what it should look like, less the Schallers, the Asian truss rod cover and the dust. I think this came from Thanks, Frank.

This is a link to the trade secret:

Dan's guitar is like the Gibsons with the think black finish on the peghead, like my old B45-12. The LG-0 is less grand.


I have LG -0 here that I did with black lacquer spray paint (cans). Works just fine. The older finishes do dull down and look almost semi-gloss or even flat. I think this is more of the lacquer sinking into the wood  and drying out etc. Also, in the past I have sprayed a clear coat over the top, but I don't think that is necessary if you are going to silk screen (or Frisket mask with Gold paint). Just spray the black and make sure its level then add the logo.

thanks for the input. Let's see how long it takes for me to get to this...


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