I have a question about the scarf joint between the neck blank and the headstock. Why not lay the headstock piece on top of the neck blank, instead of underneath? It is the same angle. There is more gluing area thereby creating a stronger joint. You could also put the truss rod adjustment at the head block end of the neck. Just wondering. Thanks. You guys make this site a great place to go.

Allen Wall

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My guess is that if you use a headstock veneer of some kind, then having the headstock piece underneath will allow that veneer to touch both pieces and add strength. It may also have to do with those necks that have a truss rod opening at the headstock.

A lot of Korean Manufacturers do just that. the joint ends up extending down into the neck shaft.

Many consider it is a weaker place for the joint and have seen failures.

Hi Allen- The way I see it is if the scarf joint is cut at 11 degrees (spell check) the gluing serface will be the same weather it is glued under or over-- hope I explained this so you can understand it -- peace,Donald

The main drawback in laying the headstock on top of the neck is aesthetic IMO.

There is no way to disguise the scarf joint doing it that way, it will always be visible.

Doing it the other way, means that the whole joint can be concealed by veneering,  and,  with a headstock veneer  and backstrap, the joint is at least as strong, probably stronger, than the alternate method. 


I think that the cross sectional area of the joint within the headstock is greater than the cross sectional area with the scarf under the fretboard, therefore the joint would be stronger, in theory anyway....The area difference of course is due to the narrow width of the neck, relative to the wider headstock.

Top one would have good support from the fretboard holding the two together, but, IF you had a traditional headstock truss rod access, could get pretty weak.

Middle one would have the headstock overlay holding the joint together.

Bottom one is Leo Fender's wet dream.

Thanks to all who replied. I appreciate your input. Have a Great Fourth!


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