Hello.  Anybody have a source for the sign makers tape?



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I get the ProTape Standard paper tape (it's not vinyl).



Do you know the thickness of the tape?

Thickness? Micrometer says about 5 thousandths.

I ask about thickness b/c I want to use the tape to protect the guitar when pulling sandpaper strips under the heel when fitting a neck. The tape I have is 0.030" thick. I think I want something thinner, but I'm a newbie neck resetter so just going on what I've seen on Dan Erlewine's instructional videos. His tape is about 0.0015".


Thanks for the info.

This is the stuff I use. I buy 6" wide rolls. You'll find all kinds of uses for it.

I use 3M brand blue vinyl "pinstripe" tape available from Auto paint shops and often stocked by Hobby shops.   Comes in different widths from 1/16" upwards, handles curves very well, is not affected by lacquer and lifts cleanly. 

Note:  when using it with nitro or any other thick lacquer, do not let the nitro dry and harden with the tape still on - it is thin and the lacquer dries over the edge of the tape rather than "stepping" at the junction of lacquer and tape - it will tear up the edge if it has hardened.  I remove the tape within an hour or  less and it comes off a treat.  Reason is that modern auto paint finishes are ultra thin and don't go up and over the tape at the junction so they separate fine.  Rusty.

Greg, how tacky is the tape you use? Is there a possibility of finish problems if left on too long? I've never used the stuff so I don't have a clue
I've never had any finish issues with it; it seems to be a very benign adhesive. The longest I've had a piece on lacquer is probably 5 or 6 days. Maybe FF wil chime in; he has used lots of the stuff.
I used to use a sign makers tape years back for masking and heel fitting, but the adhesive certainly did leave mark on the nitro lacquer if left on more than a day. I'll have to give that Pro-Tape Standard a try, as perhaps their adhesive layer is different. Thanks!


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