Hi guys , This is a SJ200 gibson a few years old - not sure - the pick guard is the modern type that is soft like vinyl and won't stay glued to the top . Has anyone had success bonding these ?

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I did a hummingbird with that kind of pickguard. I used the adhesive sheet and haven't heard back from the customer (this is a while ago). If I recall correctly, the hard part was getting rid of the old adhesive. Lots of naptha, I think.

I did one of these a couple of months back. The pointy tip was loose. I ran some hide glue underneath with light clamping. So far, so good.

Paul Breen shared this with me when I was reattaching a guard. Worked awesome!

David I used a similar product from 3M , It worked very well but the hard part is getting the old adhesive off the guard . I tried a few things including naptha and settled on auto Grease and Wax Remover , which turns the gum into a gel which can be scraped off with a credit card . It takes a few goes too . Turned out great though .


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