hi folks. been asked for a basic bass guitar active setup but all sellers have 2 or 3 band systems and i need a 1 band. can anyone help me out with a prewired system ?. spec as below.

pot - neck vol

pot - bridge vol

pot - full range tone

passive/active switch [ possibly push/pull on a pot for this]

battery connection

jack socket 

i intend using active versions of jazz and precision pickups

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hi Nick.

Sadowsky does  a three knob drop in active/passive module wire up and ready to go - pull it apart and drop it into anything. 


many thanks rusty, will take a look.

Not sure that you would need a preamp if using active pickups , just wire it as a J bass with 25K pots ala EMG's .

"1 band"? what's that?

do you mean just a full range buffer to make the bass active without any actual EQ change? plenty of folks make those, and they're usually fairly small and cheap.

you could get fancy ones like the redeemer or even something basic like an EMG PA2 that you just leave off of boost mode and tuck inside the control cavity. if you want passive-active switching a push-pull true bypass knob can be wired to the buffer.

(edit: or like @Len Biglin says, there's no reason in the first place if you've got active pickups, which also means there's no "passive" switching option anyway)


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