From AOL news:

"One US factory with 200 workers was
left making incandescent light bulbs.
And last week, that plant shut down."


We'd better stock up on bulbs for our Fox benders.

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I imagine incandescents will still be built in China and other countries where the cost of manufacturing is low but you do give us food for thought.

- Steve
Or maybe buy silicon heating blankets instead ...

In the UK , it is still possible to buy incandescent bulbs on Ebay, there will probably be supplies available for quite some time to come.
or convert bender to......uh.....heat.....I'll get back to ya on this one.
As you may know, incandescent bulbs are filled with vacuum, and I understand that new EPA regulations have curtailed the mining of vacuum in the Washington D.C. area, where the largest U.S. deposits of vacuum are located.

The good news is that many other countries have this resource and can produce quantities sufficient to fill all the light bulbs they can produce without government intervention. So, we need not fear for at least the rest of our lifetimes. Where future generations may find this precious commodity is anybody's guess. . .
methinks Frank has pulled a Hoover maneuver upon us .......Torres didn't need no litebub.
Yeah well, Frank knows a bit but as for a shortage of vacuum he has missed a major resource in the USA - Rap music. It sucks more than any vacuum pump I've ever owned (with apologies to any rappers who happen to repair guitars).
Rappers repair guitars??

We ought not to exploit the resources of those underdeveloped countries. When vacuum is removed, it's gone forever. Just say no to incandescents, like we have here in the USA!
You can still buy incandescents, made in China of course, but you will just have to become accustomed to changing them after twenty minutes of use. This is the new standard for "mean time before failure", went from 1000 hours to 0.3 hours......
"no" vacuum sucks more than vacuum itself
Betty Crocker is going to be bummed out.

Check out this 109 year old bulb!
If needed for the sake of vintage bulb lovers, I can sell parts of my personnal 33 years old vacuum stock. It's kept in my head for now.
(Well being fun in another language than your native one is hard... you have to be fun and make you understand.)


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