I've been using regular cam clamps and Ibex clamps for a long time and this morning I've decided I hate them. I've been persevering, but it's not me: it's the clamps. What's everyone else using?

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I tried to add a picture with the last comment, but it didn't go through either.  I am well under 5MB.

When I select "Browse" and then open the image in my file, it says IMG_2882.JPG next to the "Browse."

Am I doing something wrong?  This has worked for me in the past.  So, one last try.

i make a bridge caul for inside the guitar with 1/2 mdf and blue hard foam insulation ala Dan Erlewine stick it under the braces apply pressure that gives me the impression of the braces i cut them out, there's my caul for underneath .the caul offers plenty of support  .i then use two stew mac throat clamps for the wings and two throat clamps for the body of the bridge that i got from harbor freight  . works great for me every time

PS. i ground down the harbor freight camps to make them lighter i have several sizes for what ever i need 

hope that's helpfull 


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