I need help it seems every time I try to refinish a vintage guitar after repairing all the cracks every thing looks good until I get about 6 coats of finish on it . The splits start to show up .I have tryed the supper glue in them and resanding putting more finish on then when i buff it up there they are looking at me again. What now dose any one have any ideas what I am doing worng???? Thanks for any help I can get Bill::::::::

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got a photo?
It seems like after a time the varnish shrinks more at the crack and will always show. It takes I am told 27 days for the thinner in laquer to fully come out and then you can sand and buff it out.

I have used a hair dryer to quick dryer but don't know if it helps or not.

I'd say what you are doing wrong is refinishing vintage guitars. Unless more than 50% of the original finish is gone, you should avoid refinishing. I'd much rather see an honest, visible repair than a refinished vintage instrument. And so would the people who pay top dollar for them.
i agree with greg ...refinishing a vintage guitar destroys the value of the instrument
Thanks for the help Greg and Nick . But you see I am like the rest of you repair men and girls .I am just trying to give the customer what they ask for. And go through all the problems that go with it. Thanks for your help anyway Bill::::::::
I'm with Bill on this one.... my usually high standard of ethics tends to fly right out the window when the customer's requesting specific work and paying cash. We'll spend a minute discussing the why's and wherefore's but then he or she will insist, and that's that. The last turned-down job was a fellow who wanted a pickup and a mounted preamp/tone/vol assembly stuck in the side of his '65 D28 brazilian. Someone else can take the blame for cutting THAT hole, thankewverymuch..


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