Hello Ladies and Gentleman!

I'm currently fixing a broken Gibson headstock and I'm wanting to stamp the serial and "Made in America" back into it while I'm refinishing it.

What do you guys use to do this?

I'm thinking of going to the leather store and seeing if they have some stamps that are close enough, but just want to get your opinions.



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If you search either the Les Paul forum or the TDPRI ?  Been a while, but I remember some in depth discussions on this.

Hi Justin,

The tools are called "letter punches" (which are also number punches) and the size depends on which serial size the original had. A 70's Custom I have in for a restore has 6mm and 4mm (or imperial equivalent) They, along with letter punch toolholders which keep the punches aligned for a series of numbers are available on Ebay and through most engineering supply shops.  However we use the original spacing when it is known.

The Branding says "MADE IN U.S.A." not "America" and please beware of counterfeit branding and serial numbers and look up the providence of the instrument before attempting to brand or rebrand an unknown or unbranded instrument.



Has anyone thought about cutting the top of the original head in a scarf and attaching it to the top of the new head?

HI Ned,

I haven't found a Gibson headstock break that requires such drastic thoughts. Refacing/refibring/rebranding a Gibson peghead is straightforward, as is reinforcing and "back-strapping" or laminating a break.  

I don't get why people lose the serial numbers, we (generally) strip the back of the heads with heat and scrub out the number indents - re-imprinting them as required and refinishing in a thick and nasty Gibsonesque manner.



You are right about the U.S.A thing, it was an oversight when typing this question. I have looked up the serial number and have determined it is an actual Gibson, so no worries there. I guess i'm going to have to do some shopping to find an affordable set. I think it will be a good investment, as I know have done 4 Gibson headstock breaks this year, and I'm sure I'll have plenty more. This is the first one in which I will need to do a complete refinish on the headstock, and wanted to recreate the stamps if possible.

Thanks for the tips!


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