Hey all. I have a 99 Strat DLX one my bench. The truss rod nut is stripped all to hell. The guy complained that the frets were flat, and the are. I checked to how level they are and they are level. Whoever dressed em last never crowned em. It is in a slight back bow. Should come out when strung up. How do I go about dealing with this truss rod nut? There is nothing grabbing. There is one little corner left the rest is round! Thanks every one!

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I just got a schecter guitar in for a setup and the nut was/is the same way. The only issue is that this is a welded nut two way design. The customer said that he never had it adjusted before so this either happened at the factory or the store where it was purchased. I put some penetration oil to loosen up the threads because even the gripper wouldn't move it. In the end I had to ruin my 4mm gripper truss rod wrench by grinding the tapered portion shorted because it was bottoming out in the nut. I have the rod moving and was able to complete the setup. I'm now using the epoxy method to try and regain some grip for future adjustments.

Thanks for the responses. What way do I turn the nut once it is epoxied in place? Customer decided not to deal with it right now. So any conversation is just that:)

Hi David.

You'd want to loosen the truss rod's tension in this situation so...righty tighty/lefty loosey.

I seriously encourage you to get Dan Erlewine's repair book. If you already have a copy; I encourage you to read it as it's filled with Guitar Repair 101 questions like the one you just asked. It may not be the end-all/be-all reference on basic repairs, but it's unarguably the best one currently available.

Best of luck & have a great weekend buddy :)  If Iowa has the same weather pattern we have now in Illinois, it's gonna be a beauty.


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