I have a Peterson Stroboflip. The display shows Cents at 00.0 at all times (whether a note is sharp, flat or in tune). Does anyone know how to get this tuner to display the Cents so that I can see exactly how many Cents off the intonation is?

I would like to know how many Cents off the intonation is so that I can use Frank's equation

I've gone through the manual, looked through the company's FAQs regarding this model and I've searched the internet but haven't found any answers to this.

Thank you!


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It's time to call the manufacturer's customer service center. 

I know it's a low-tech way of retrieving specialized information, but the good old-fashioned "person talking to another person" approach seems like the the most efficient path to ending your dilemma.

And, there's always the possibility that you may have a defective unit OR that this specific feature isn't available on this model.  Just my guesses.

Best of luck with getting the info you need.(-:

I found the answer online after a little more searching. Here is what Peterson says:

"Pluck a string and adjust the cent value by simply adjusting the cent control until the strobe image is stationary (or only fluctuating around a fixed position and not generally shifting in one direction over time). In this case, you are tuning the tuner to the instrument. When the image comes to rest, the accompanying numeric cent display indicates the distance from 00.0 cents. This is possible because the strobe is a measuring tool which is accurate throughout the range, not just at the node points."

Paul, thank you for your reply and for your time.

Got your two cents worth eh.......   Nice, another thing I didn't know about my tuner.  Tks Rusty.


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