I want to use a guitar support that attaches with a suction cup on the lower bout along with a strap that hooks over the endpin. The problem is that this guitar has an unsealed, very thin, matte lacquer finish over Honduran mahogany. So basically the finish is far from airtight and the suction cup starts leaking loose within seconds and pops off after a minute or so.

I tried attaching the thin, self-adhesive square of clear plastic that is supplied with the support for just such an eventuality but within 10-15 minutes of attaching the suction cup, the suction actually starts pulling the self-adhesive film up from the wood in the very center. Yikes!

So I'm going to put something much more tenacious on there even if it turns out to be irreversible (the original self-adhesive film came off easily with a little Naptha encouragement). I'm thinking maybe the 0.011" gauge "golpeador" material would be stiff and stable. I also see in the LMII catalog some "transfer adhesive" that's supposed to be about the grippiest stuff going.

So what says the forum? Will self-adhesive golpe film be able to hold its own against the suction? Or can I use the self-adhesive film plus transfer adhesive together?

The only non-self-adhesive stuff I see in the catalog is non transparent pickguard material. I suppose if I put some of that on there with transfer adhesive it could resist anything. But it would be very unsightly on my lower bout and might not be flexible enough to handle the curve anyway.

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Why exactly do you need to use suction?
See the attached picture of the Neck-Up guitar support, except I use it on my left leg classical-style. Nothing else works like a Neck-Up for putting the guitar right where it needs to be and the suction cup works fine on my shiny lacquer finished classical guitar. But on the steel-string I've been using a Dynarette cushion instead and it's a poor substitute.

With the Neck-Up the guitar sits there with no balancing or support by either hand. It really frees up my left hand.
I, too, use a Neck-Up, and I agree it's an ideal way to hold the guitar at at a good angle for playing, without resorting to a footstool. My main guitar has a gloss finish, but I also use it on two matte-finish guitars. I haven't bothered with finding a way to make the cup stick to the side, because it stays in place while I'm playing as is. Of course, I have to hold it in place when I lift the guitar. So, I am curious to see what you come up with. Of course, I wouldn't store the guitar with the neck-up in place even between practice sessions, nor would I with any sort of leather or synthetic strap.

Hi Brent! I hope this message finds you well! I just joined "" after some web searches about "suction cup difficulties on matte finish guitars" — hence I saw your post from a few years back! I'd like to ask: What Solution did you arrive at?

My Situation: I am (newly) using a FANTASTIC guitar support from Germany - the GUITARLIFT! - the finish on my Gary Southwell BOG OAK guitar is matte and "oil based" he told me, hence my situations mimics yours form your post! 

I'm think to get my local guitar repairman use some CLEAR Flamenco Tap Plate (pickguard) material on the BACK of my guitar to hold the suction cups? What do you think?

Many Thanks! Stanley

PS - Happy 4 July


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