Hello all. I have a new 60's MIM Telecaster with a rosewood fretboard, and the rod adjustment at the heel. I've tensioned the adjustment rod to leave just a scant bit of relief, so there's a bit of pressure on it. After setting everything up, I noticed a sympathetic vibration when playing a C, C#, and D on the G string on the lower frets I've pulled the guard, checked the chrome cover on the pickup, and everything else on the body, including the bridge. Nothing there seems to be causing it. Without any high tech testing instruments, my best guess is the rod is rattling against the routed channel inside the neck. I've considered taking the nut out, and trying to dribble some teflon-type lube down the channel, but other than that, any ideas on what to look for to pin down where it's coming from? Any ideas are most welcome. Thanks.

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Have you been through Frank's "Big Buzz Page" at ( There is lots of useful stuff on diagnosing buzzing problems, and there is a specific section on truss rod rattles and buzzes. He says that you can often determine that it is the problem by rapping on the neck, and he gives a potential solution using thinned rubber cement.
Good luck
No, I haven't looked at that, but I sure will. Thanks a heap.
We had a series of Fenders (one of the Artist models) which were as noisy as a train wreck - didn't matter what was done (and I did a lot) they still rattled and hummed. Eventually, Fender took the instruments back when their own guys couldn't fix em. Having said that, do all the normal stuff and then go through the Big Buzz Pages.
I shall do that. Thanks much for the info. Off I go.....


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