I am fixing  some damage to a Taylor 214 for a friend of mine who came off a flight and found his guitar neck was cracked at the heel. Its a Taylor 214 and I remember Frank or someone posting a while ago about the neck system taylor use, so I am wondering if anyone has had this problem. Its a clean crack and it had me wondering if indeed it was a crack at all but perhaps the joint had loosened because there's a bolt screwed into the fall away section of the fingerboard that can be accessed through the soundhole and that was a little loose. When I did tighten it up a bit it did indeed pull the crack tighter but not enough so it has had some knock or damage.  My intention is to get some hide glue in there and clamp it. Because of the nature of the Taylor neck its going to be very difficult for anyone coming along in a few years to a neck re set if I glue it up tightly but what option do I have.? Anyone know if taylor actually use glue when fitting this type of neck. 

Any info appreciated 


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Photo? Are you talking about a wood crack or separation at the heel? The Taylor neck is not glued, and you cannot repair it with glue.

+1 on all counts!  I'll add that since this terrible bottled hide glue is available... do you mean hot hide glue or this fake stuff in the bottle?  Not that glue is required for a separation as Greg said.

Thanks guys, I had figured out from looking up some info from taylor that the neck probably was not glued at all. So Thanks to all for the sound advise. Its separation sure enough as you can see and the razor blade fits in quite nicely. I tried tightening the bolts but that did not solve the problem fully.The story is this : He was in Australia for some time and flew back to Uk with the taylor. Firstly he never loosened off the strings for the journey and they were at full tension, and secondly the climate change would possibly be a contributory factor. But he is adamant that the instrument got a knock and he may be correct  as otherwise why would the neck suddenly come loose like this ?

I'm with Greg.  SLOW DOWN and turn off the glue pot.

Just about everything you need to know about Taylor's NT system can be found on their website. They also have a very good customer service section that could probably walk you through the fix.

Thanks for the excellent photo, Kevin.

All you have to do is remove the neck, glue & clamp the heel & reinstall.  It's really quite simple due to Taylor's tech-friendly design.

Some reinforcement may be needed, but I'd personally start with a simple glue-up and re-evaluate from there. Others who are more talented and experienced with post trauma reinforcement will likely offer excellent suggestions on how to proceed.

Best of luck with the repair & have a great week :)

Many Thanks for that Paul, Its re assuring to have such great advise from others here on the forum if only to confirm my suspicions--I knew a little about Taylors design from a post here on some time ago but its even better when you hear it from other more experienced builders and luthiers. Just one other question-does the 214 have the expression system or an under saddle pick up ? I just found a wire hanging loose under the bridge plate and theres no pick up strip in the saddle slot at all . If it ever existed then someone has removed it at some stage otherwise whats this loose cable hanging in there.  The mystery deepens !!

According to Taylor's website, the 214 is spec'd out as having no electronics.  The 214CE [Cutaway with Electronic] has the Taylor ES-T system. The 214 is available with electronics as an option.

If there are no controls visible on the player's side of the upper bout, it most likely did not come from the factory with a pup system. Someone may have added a UST post purchase. Your friend should be able to shed some light upon that.  If it was a passive UST, there'd be no evidence of a battery holder. Another thing to check is the endpin.  If it's a jack/endpin combo, there MAY have been a system in there. You'll be able to get a better handle on that when the neck is off & being re-glued.

Let us know how it turns out, please?  Have a good one :)

Paul, I checked it out and my mistake--its is a CE version -I should have made that clear and it is the es-t system.The battery holder is in the end pin section and it appears to be factory specs. My friend bought it from a guy who bought it from a guy if you know what I mean, so no one knows for sure.

What seems to have happened is the wire to the undersaddle broke. Then someone either removed the under saddle strip or else someone who had no clue may have been changing strings and lifted out the strip from under the saddle without knowing what he was looking at and never put it back. I know, sounds silly but these guys are young !! Anyway, the fact remains theres no pick up under the saddle. I found someone who can supply one and I will have a stab at replacing it. I did a luthier course on building guitars but only have limited experience at the electronic end of things but I have to keep learning.   Thanks again.


It's been a true pleasure being able to help you out. It's great to hear that you're fixing the instrument for some young players. It helps keep the music alive.

I think you're on the correct path regarding the UST. I know of no one who has even attempted to do surgery on a Taylor ES or ES-T system.  They are unique.

Give my regards to the Emerald Isles :)

Heres the latest pics of the pre op about to take place.  Thankfully its a clean break.  Note the shims used by Taylor. Amazing concept when you think about it.

ahhh--no pics loaded  ?? sorry--try again here


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