Hi all.
I was wondering what people's opinions were in regards to these top makers
of acoustic guitars. Which do you think is better, Martin or Taylor, and why?

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"Martin has a set of specs the same way Taylor does in setting up their guitars."

Martin must use "looser" tolerances than Taylor.

"Martin players are so varied, form Bluegrass to finger style" is true with any brand of acoustic guitars.

"Martin gives the original owner a free set-up with the purchase of a new guitar, so the player can get it

set-up the way they wanted."

I've never heard of this and it's not stated on Martin's website.  Where did you get this info?   I'm not challenging this info, but it would be nice if I could begin sending Martin an invoice for every new Martin I set up. How much do they "allow" for setups? Guys...this could be a goldmine for us (:

As far as an initial set-up is concerned all of the Martins I own and have owned have been paid for by Martin as far as a set-up is concerned Martin.

I am not a luthier but like to work on my guitars unless it's too complicated for me to do.

I don't know what a set-up costs these days but I doubt any luthier would make a fortune off of set-ups.

I charge $75 for a basic acoustic setup....including strings.

So, are you saying that this isn't part of the official Martin policy package.  That's what I'm trying to determine.  Specifically, where did you get your information that ALL Martins come with a post-sale setup allowance.

Through experience. I've owned over 6 Martins and 3 Taylors.

Everyone of my initial set-ups have been paid by Martin under warranty. 

Maybe they changed their policy, in recent years but like I said, Martin has paid for all my Martin initial set-ups.

Of course they need to be done by an authorized Martin repair person.

Thank you that info.

I'll research that more on my own.

I haven't been to Guitar Center in years and am usually extremely "underwhelmed" by the acoustic guitar room. However, a few weeks ago a friend and I entered the acoustic room and played the one of the best if not THE best flat-top guitars I've ever played. (having worked at Gryphon I've played my fair share of Taylor, Collings, and Martins) They were two Martin D-18 GE models. The one I played the most had a beautiful Sunburst finish and had sides and back of what the salesman called "sinker" Mahoghany. (very old underwater salvaged I guess).

That guitar had everything; not only the signature Martin crispness and projecting bass but also a mid-range sweetness I've never heard in a Martin before. My buddy actually prefered the other D-18 GE which had a bit more high-end. Both guitars simply vibrated like they were alive when played. The V shaped neck was the most comfortable I've ever played and the setup was exellent, I wouldn't change it one bit...

I think Martin has finally come around to producing the best guitars they've ever made and I think it was the competition like Taylor that made them step up their game... I've been talking about those guitars for weeks now... can get em out of my mind!!!



That's great to hear David.

Personally, I too rarely if ever go into a GC*. For me it's an excercise in patience & frustration. You may have experienced the exception to the rule. I thoroughly enjoyed your review of the D-18GE (:

There's little useful info about that model on MG's website.  Does that series have an adjustable truss rod?

"I think Martin has finally come around to producing the best guitars they've ever made..."  Not in complete agreement with that, but that's just my opinion. I've seen some real dogs lately (among their traditional instruments) and I'm sorry but their Formica guitars are simply a really bad joke.

"I think it was the competition like Taylor that made them step up their game..."  100% in agreement, but I think it was Bill Collings who REALLY got their attention when he began making Martin style instruments that are MUCH better than Martin made instruments. Oh ya, SCGC too.

Take it from an old guy...if you loved that D-18GE, buy it.  Experience has taught me to never pass up a guitar that sends shivers down my spine.  It sounds like a love affair to me (:

Best of luck (:

* I consider GC the most commerce killing mega-corporation in the MI business.  I refuse to do business with or refer customers to them as they are the Wal Mart of the MI world and I consider many of their practices unethical.  Wherever they build, mom & pop stores within a 50 mile radius close.  Does anyone know if they  paid their suppliers the $1+ Billion they owe them?  There's that uncontrollable editorializing again.  Darn!!!!!

I built a house two doors up the street from Ray Scherr, the previous owner of GC, and he had a ten car garage filled with classic cars, the $250,000 kind, and each day a guy came with a different one to exchange for one of the others. Apparently there was a warehouse in town full of them. Maybe it's me, but I've been in this business a while, and I can't stand to think there are guys out there making so much money (the ungodly kind) while those of us in the trenches struggle to survive. Bigger is only better for the "man at the top" as they flood us with cheap product made by slave labor, at an exorbitant profit. How's that for editorializing Paul?

Great info Eric. Welcome to the Editorial Staff (:

I'm sure we're all more at peace with ourselves by being honest & meager craftspeople than we ever could be as reptilian moguls.

"Daddy...what's the difference between "old money" and "new money"?

"Well son, people with new money are screwing other people out of their money right now. People with old money had parents and grandparents that screwed other people out of their money a long time ago."

Carry on comrade (-:

Ahmen to that my friend.

Eric welcome to the 99%.... :)

And I'll bet that you never thought that one of my posts could be this short either.... ;)


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