Since drilling holes in fretboards to steam necks off is such a common occurrence, are there templates with hole placements, or a list of placement, angles, etc,of these somewhere?  Or is it 'just drill baby'? 

Along the same line, pictures and dimensions of neck dovetails. I think I saw a discussion of this on this forum from a while ago.

Forgive my naiveté. I'm new here. 


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Hi Bruce,

  There's a pretty comprehensive gallery of reset info sitting here... and, thanks to the diligence of the members, it's growing nicely!

  You'll have to thumb-through the pages to find exactly what you're looking-for, but that can be half of the fun!  Your idea of assembling a collection of templates, etc. is an interesting one.... maybe you can get that ball rolling?! 

 It could be categorized, cataloged and made it easily accessible, but only to the extent that someone's willing & able to maintain it.  

  I'm not sure how (or even, if) something of that nature would fit within the Ning format, but it might be worth a gander.


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