Thickener for thin liquids that need to be held in place.Psyllium Husk

 If Glue De-Glue is really just jelled vinegar ,  (there must be something else to it doesn't there?) it is as easy as pie to make yourself, and I have done exactly this a few times.  Get an empty  plastic squeeze bootle of ketchup (maybe a north American thing eh?) and half fill with vinegar,  then add 2 tablespoons of  powdered Psyllium Husk to it and shake like mad for 40 seconds or so. Wait about 10 mins, and it is ready to apply. You want to have more of a thick slurry than a total gell though.

Psyllium Hush is a food thickener for folks who choke of liquids, and is 'also good for the bum' if you catch my meaning.

 This stuff works with many liquids to thicken them into gel. 

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Where would one buy psyllium husk? Anything like corn starch?

Some folks use methyl cellulose, also a food thickening agent.

Physllium Husk can be bought in any Pharmacy Russell. Just ask for food thickener. 

It's also known in the USA as "Metamucil".  Chain stores have their house brand equivalents at much lower prices. Ummmm... get the unflavored version for repair tasks.

It's good for the repair and (as Kerry stated) VERY GOOD for YOU :)

GREAT suggestion, Kerry :)


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