I've been getting away with an auxiliary bed on my thickness planer and using a friends thickness sander but I need my own.I have some parts assembled but I'm looking for some ideas, pointers, tips advice form others that have gone down this path. 

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George,isn't the Inteweb 'mahvelous'?   I can't justify spending money to look at plans though. I imagine it would be a great site for folks like us though. Just makes me sad... 

Al made one, he doesn't use it, it just collects dust....not the good way. I don't think David uses one any more either.

Very cool !   how many RPMs does the motor turn when in operation ?

here are 2  i made recently

plus small version for fender type headstocks

Nick what are your drums made from and if you're visiting Manitoba soon do you need a place to stay?

hi john, unfortunately i'm a brit in norwich/england so we're worlds apart. the drums originate from ebay bought as aluminium tube similar to this ....

i then persuade a local machinist to make a pair of steel end-caps, fit a 1" steel shaft and lathe turn the whole thing cut/remove as little as possible to get the assembly flat as these tubes are not made perfectly. this process is the most awkward and costly process of the whole thing. if i remember correctly, my big sanders have a 130mm o/d drum, and 500mm long. the motors are either 1 1/2 - 2 h/p and run at 2800 rpm.  the table is from a factory computer station.

the end caps you see on the shiny tube [ actually halved go kart wheel rims ]  in the first pic were actually not used as a more solid steel cap system was more stable. and the 17mm shaft was thrown out to make way for 1" alternatives. so pic no.1 is a bit irrelevant really.

by the way, you can see that the front of the table with the glass top has a rod-end bearing attached. this is how i level the table . once the height both sides is correct i leave it there. stays accurate.

the home-made height adjuster socket under the other end of the table allows tiny adjustments.

I've made the drum sander found in the link below and use it for thickening plates and braces.  Works like a charm.  Only complaint is that I made as per the plan with a table/drum of 12.5 inches.  I should have made it to accommodate a joined plate or about 18 inches for comfort.   Be sure to use a TEFC (Totally Enclosed, Fan Cooled) motor and don't skimp on the HP,  3/4 is what I have and it works fine.

and the plan/directions at:



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