Hello Everyone,

I'm working on a guitar from the 80's that has an original Floyd Rose tremolo. The thin dense foam that's glued underneath the tremolo in the top route cavity is totally dry rotted. I'd like to replace it for my client. Does anyone have a product or a source that you have used. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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Hi Chris,

go ebay and search 2 mm neoprene repair material or cut up a computer mouse mat. Both work usecontact adhesive for neoprene. 

Regards Rusty

if the wood underneath is finished and presentable you could also just clean the rest of the foam gunk out and leave it, it's not really important for anything.

it's just there for when the bridge falls back while the strings are off, but ideally that shouldn't be happening in the first place. the player should be slipping a wedge or "chock" back there under the screws to hold the bridge level, that way the screws can be accessed with the wrench while restringing and there's less risk of the bridge jumping off the posts.


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