Had a mystery buzz on one string, did the right things and sanded the nut and saddle smooth in the contact points but still the same buzz. The only thing left was to change the string and that solved the problem. Inspected the buzzing string and noticed that the ball end rattled in the string loop.

I will make a habit of checking the ball ends when changing to new strings and use a set of pliers to tighten them if they are loose!

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Solder the ball and wrapping.

Thanks for the reminder Roger its the 101 stuff that we tend to forget:  "if in doubt. change the strings".

I am just about to receive a brand new high end electric guitar which has the brief:   " we have done everything here to stop the string buzzing - see what you can do" , so your reminder and advice is most welcome.  It also reminded me of my touring GuitarTech days where I used Ernie Ball RPS strings which have soldered brass wraps on the ball end to ensure the best on stage outcomes under some brutal guitar treatment.    



Looking around I also found this related tip on this site, never heard of it before. I will do this too in the future :-)

Every so often I get the opportunity to do a little magic in front of a player with a nasty buzz.  My absolute favorite is the light rattle at the bridge, which I'll often diagnose by knocking on the bridge with my knuckle.  If I hear that telltale noise, I'll get out my mirror and show the customer an inside view of the bridge plate.  It's really easy to see the string that hadn't pulled up tight against the bridge plate.   I'll detune, release the string, pull it up tight and retune.  Just like magic - buzz is gone.

Good one :-)


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