I think the top and back radius should be much smaller than a guitar. Six foot back and twelve for top. I'd like to know what you think.

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I do a 15 ft radius on my tenor pineapple backs, and none on the wrc tops , which are stable and abt 9 in w at the widest pt.This allows me   to make my necks co- planar or 90 deg neck angle  and simplifys putting on the bridge .Some folks do a slight 25 - 30 ft R  on top .but frankly I see no advantage to it. I also use H. mahog laminated bracing with carbon fiber which  makes for a vy stiff top and a light bridge.  Walnut is my current favorite bridge stock . But i also use BRW, persimmon , mulberry, jatoba, tamarind etc. I aim for under 10 g bridge ,and find not much change in the sound due to bridge differences.

My favorite uke right now is a 20's Kumalae, with a flat top and a crazy deep radius for the back - perhaps 3 foot? So who knows.

I recently saw this local luthier give a talk, and played a bunch of his great instruments.

I love his philosophy - no exotic woods, no decoration, just damn good sounding instruments.

Thanks mark, I am in a similiar camp as  iriguchiukeleles , check out our new Oz style falcate braced top and live back tenor pineapple uke. www. has a wonderful sound tuned to high D like a gtr.

Mark a 3 ft radius sounds more like a bowl shape. in the back . Would love to see it if you  can post a picture ?/ thanks


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