I have a binding replacement project where I need to cut the binding in half before installing. I can get the right thickness, but the stock is almost 2x the height I need. I'm sure someone has a good way to accomplish this.


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What I have done in the past was make a little jig out of wood with a base, two side pieces (curbs if you will...) and a top cap.  In the center I glued in either a single edge razor blade or a #11 X-acto blade.  Sorry I can't find mine at the moment to post a pic but the idea is that the side pieces are just ever so slightly wider than the existing binding stock and the blade is mounted in a position to get me close to my final height.  The entire thing is clamped in a vise to hold it in place.

Take a piece of the full size binding and split the first inch or two manually and then stick it in the jig with the split ends coming out the other side.  Pull the split ends drawing the binding stock through the jig and you will have a uniform cut where the blade is located and can zip the binding stock through fairly easily and quickly.

This is of course for plastic binding.  For wooden binding I simply position 2-3 or more pieces next to each other on their sides and run them through my thickness sander.  The pressure from the drum being in contact keeps things from falling over.

The remaining height that is proud of the proper height once glued on the instrument is scraped flush.

Hope this helps and again sorry I can't find mine at the moment to take a pic for you.

Thanks, that is the idea I was looking for. The $300 device at Stew Mac was a bit more than I wanted yo invest!


Jerry,   Those StewMac 'devices' are VERY well worth it!!  I got one.  LOVE IT!!


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