I've got a mid 80s Alvarez thin line electric acoustic (made in Korea) on which I want to remove some of the inward bow.  The truss rod seems to be at the end of its adjustment when tightening it (turning to the right).  I am wondering if it is possible to unscrew the truss rod all the way and add some additional threads to the rod (or maybe shorten it slightly) and then screw it back in.  I think I only need about 1/2 turn further adjustment.

My question is whether it is possible to do this.  The truss rod is adjusted through the sound hole and there is no plate on the headstock with which to access the truss rod -- there's only the one adjustment place in the sound hole.  I'm hesitant to remove the threaded rod all together for fear that I wont be able to get it threaded in the nuts once it is removed.

Anyone with more experience ever tried this?  Is it even possible to get the rod out?

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The item you're actually turning *should* be the nut at the end of the rod (notice the caveat?:)  Anyway, you can remove that nut, find a suitable flat washer, reinstall the nut over the washer and that will give you an extra turn or two to work-with.

The trick is finding (or making) the right-sized washer... it has to, of course, fit over the threads but also be narrow enough in diameter to fit in whatever bore you have available. In other words, the ID must be equal to (or greater) than the rod, and the OD must be equal to (or smaller) than the nuts' OD.  Thickness of the washer/spacer shouldn't be an issue, since you're only a half-turn away from where you need to be.

On this guitar, the truss rod adjusts with an allen wrench.  Are you saying that allen head portion of the rod is a nut that I should be able to get off?  If so, I'm confident I can make the right sized washer.  Thanks.

Hi Jim... if you're using an allen wrench it sounds like the "nut" portion just might be at the other end of the rod you're adjusting.... which means forget everything I said:)  

If it were mine, I'd carefully back-out whatever it is you're adjusting and see what comes out. If it's a nut... make a washer to add that extra degree of adjustment.  If it's the actual rod, cut a couple more threads, make sure the end is smooth and chamfered and reinsert it with a bit of thin machine oil. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. 

Having said all that, it's a good idea when doing any truss rod adjustments to 'help it along' by clamping the neck in the direction you're wanting to go. That makes the job of the rod that much easier.  In fact, that might be the first mode of attack, before adding washers or threads. If you can coax the neck to where you want it via clamping, see if you can nudge the truss rod up to hold it. If not, back to square one.

Take a look at this thread:

Be patient and read till the end of the thread. This method is uncomplicated and easily reversible

The guitar mentioned is still working well with its .013 strings. Worth a try. Good luck!

The allen head thing was a nut and came right off.  I used a brass nut as my spacer and just drilled out the center to accomodate the rod.  This worked out well and gives me plenty of room for future adjustment.  Thanks.
Gotta' love it when a plan comes-together!  Glad it worked alright for you...


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