Pulled two Kalamazoo (Gibson) necks this morning and each was an oddball, first-timer for me, although I'd heard of both.

First was a '36 HG-11, Hawaiian version of the KG-11, and after realizing the neck was loose but not pushing out, I checked under the fb extension, and sure enough, the top was blocking the dt opening.  I cut the fb extension at the 11th fret, trimmed the spruce away, and the neck came right out.  I'd heard of this Gibson phenomenon, and always shuddered at the thought, but have now experienced it.  This guitar was made in 1936 fyi, although I'd pulled other Gibson necks from '36 and didn't experience this. Note the 'X' over that section of the top...wonder what the message was?

The second oddity was a KG-14 Kalamazoo, basically a cheaper version of the L-00, noted for having no truss rod like the more expensive L-00.   This one has an adjustable rod, but no adjustment access on the head stock.  It's a '42, and has the same headstock shape as the L-00, so maybe at this point in time Gibson was phasing out the KG and not making the non-truss necks?  

Any other similar stories out there?

..thx, Tom

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Gibson also had hidden truss rods in their Kel Kroydon Banjos of the late 20's, except in that case, they filled the access with putty!

Never knew that about the Kels, but not surprised.  Tom

Dunno, but those are some great-looking pictures you took!  Well-focused, lots of detail and not overly big in terms of KB's...  good work!


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