Re-mount an old BB pickup circa 70's. What was the original, or a well working, adhesive solution? It the little rectangular block model. Thanks, Tom.

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Oh, and this is permanent mount inside guitar with end jack.

I don't know , but these days super glue gel seems to be common .

Thanks. That's where I was heading absent any other clues. Cheers.
I had one back then. It was stuck with a kind of greyish putty, if I remember correctly. This enabled you to reposition the pickup as needed.

oh, how I hate the putty.

When we were installing these transducers, back in the day, we used Elmer's School glue (water soluble in case they ever needed to be removed). Hope this is of some help. Stuart  

You might also try the 3M foam adhesive (double sided) tape. Some of the pick up makers used this as well. It can be quite tenacious.

I remember FRAPs used some double-sided tape indeed.
Thanks all. I mounted it with the 3M red double tape. However, the customer decided to go with glue (used med. CA). It seems to be a bit brighter. Cheers, Tom


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