Howdy, I am looking for a source of red, green, blue, etc..  cloth wire. I can find plenty of black, white, and yellow.   See attached photo of 1962 Jazzmaster harness.  Any leads? ;)  Tom.

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Antique Electronic supply , online , scroll to bottom of left hand column, click on wire,Len ps let us know if it's right !
Thank you.  Should do the trick. Got an email about 'CE Distribution' as well if anyone wants a large quantity.

Just a reminder that the CE wire is all sorts - some is thick stuff for amps, and some is single conductor (one thick stiff piece of wire core) - most of it is unsuitable for guitar rewiring.   You need cloth covered, plated copper, multi-strand conductor of the correct gauge.  Rusty.

















































How much do you need?

Thanks for the info everyone. I am looking for roughly 25' spools to stock my shop and am considering more or less depending on price.  Yes, this is for guitar wiring. 

I am going to try a local electronics surplus seller. IF you are ever in the L.A. area; it is very much worth the trip / adventure to visit this place!





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