It's a Universal Products 3 Speed Bandsaw, model is UBS14UL, 0.3 hoursepower.

It's my friends and we want to use it for a few simple tasks, but it's missing the blade/saw. How can I tell which one to get, and where would I be able to get it? Hardware store?


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Measure the blade path for length. Yes, hardware store.

I would recommend buying this book.

Band Saw Handbook

Step one is to determine the length and record this information.  An existing blade, the documentation that came with the saw, and sometimes labeling on the saw might get you this information.

Next step is determining the intended application i.e. what you plan on slicing up.  This will give you some sense of the TPI required (teeth per inch) and the width of the replacement blade.

Then simply Google bandsaw blades and you will have a plethora of choices including places that will weld them up to custom lengths if need be.

I just Googled Universal Products Bandsaw and some meat cutting saws came up, perhaps I should have asked you to determine what "or who..." you plan on slicing up....;)

Thanks! My friend got this one at a garage sale for $45 without any documentation or a blade.

I'm going to use it to cut pieces of wood that are 2-3" thick. I'm intending to build a neck roller, so that will probably be the thickest/widest piece of wood I'll cut. What's a good TPI that will be fine for all these uses?

If this is a meat cutting bandsaw, you may find that it is not suitable for wood cutting blades. Check the wheels to see if they have rubber tires on them, if not the saw probably will not take a wood cutting blade. BTW the best place to check on what type of blade you need would be at a tool store or hardware that sells these things, I suggest you find one in your area, without more information on this tool It is difficult for anyone to give you the answers you need to be able to use this tool safely.

Sorry to sound so blunt but power tools, especially saws can be very dangerous if they aren't set up properly with the right type of blade, etc. If you are unsure of what this saw is then you should find someone with this expertise in your area to advise you.

Thank you. And thanks for the advice to be cautious.

I really just needed to figure out where to even start looking for advice and help, and you guys have been very helpful. I'll shop around for some in-person advice and blades. By the way, I'm in Chicago (North side), does anyone know what stores around here will be helpful?


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