Hey folks. First posting here!
-Thanks Frank for the forum! So- I'm a noob banjo and guitar player guy who has a background in violin (yes... I'm considering a mandolin as well)... I'm not by any means accomplished or more than back porch practiced- but I love the idea of playing and building things.

Found this forum from the machining tips and I've been "into" metalworking for awhile. I recently was given some ebony off cuts as well as some rosewood cuts from a fellow who was cleaning out a luthiers shop after his passing.

Long story short... What woods do you guys have offcuts or trim offs from and what do you do with the scraps? I'm looking for info as I want to reclaim and recycle any scraps in my projects.


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Throw them in a box until a smaller part is needed.

Guilty of keeping 90% of my scrap.  I'm not sure if it's an OCD thing or I'm just being paranoid about future repairs, but it all goes into a box.

When the box gets full, some of it becomes woodstove kindling and I'll start over again. The true "keeper" stuff for me is ebony and anything that's particularly pretty!

Thank you for the replies! At least I know Im not crazy when I approach the local guys to me- Thank you again!

I keep everything on the premise that you never know when it will come in handy.

Back to the "firewood kindling" thing for a sec.... it's getting chilly in NW Oregon so we had a woodstove fire last night.

I used a handful or two of shop scraps to get it going and, as I put each piece in, it was fun to reminisce where each one came-from!  "Oh, this was the cracked bracing from the Yamaha"... etc.  

Ah, yes... it's truly the little things :)


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