What do you think about this double bass conversion?

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Ha!... that's actually pretty cool. It probably sounds decent, too?  Those unrepairable carcasses don't appear all that often, so I'd guess the wait-time to get another one (for stereo) might be while.  

Nonetheless, ten points for creativity! 


I want one!

So it looks as though a few folks have done something along these lines.... very cool stuff.  Yes, I want one, too:)

Looks like you can put these versions right up on your shoulder for the ultimate Boom box experiance!

How about making an acoustic amp for gigs ?

I've got a double base body at work that I didn't know what t do with. Cool idea, just have to talk management round.

Now that's what I call using resources --  good job Robbie 

Peace, Donald

Thanks, Donald, but I didn't do this. I just thought it was funny. I'm more into the British speaker aesthetic - flat neutral response, etc. - and I can't imagine a speaker box with f-hole ports would be particularly linear in frequency response. Considering what people use to listen to music these days I suppose the double bass might be an order of magnitude better at reproduction.

Please remember that I know almost nothing about electric guitars systems so be kind to me. 

What if you left out the cone speakers and used piezos to drive the bass body as an acoustic bass guitar amplifer?  

Thank you, I thought I was going to have to be the one to step in and say that while this looks super cool! It's actually a sonic nightmare. Real high end stereo speakers, which I also dabble in, want cabinets that are as inert and dead as possible, they use thick MDF and internal bracing trying to deaden the cabinet as much as possible, so the only sound leaving the box is from the speaker and not the cabinet.

With that said, it's still a pretty wild looking and cool as all get out! Perhaps it could be EQ'd to even out the response and it could sound decent.


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