What's the best way to change an acoustic guitar's tone?

Hello my friends. I have a Taylor 110 acoustic.
I like it a lot, great quality, fast neck, bright and loud sound.
Actually, a bit too bright/harsh/loud, but still a great sound.
My question is, what is the best way to tame it a bit, meaning,
to mellow-out the sound a little? It has the stock saddle and bridge
pins, and I am using D'Addario custom light phosphor bronze strings.
I know the solid spruce top will mellow-out naturally with age, but
I am too impatient to wait years for this to happen. Would different
strings help? Maybe have a luthier cut me a bone saddle? Please
don't say sell it and buy a Martin. I already had one, and sold it to
get the Taylor, and I do like the Taylor better.
Thank you in advance for any input and insight.

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You've answered your own question. Strings are the way to go. I believe D'addario says their exp 80/20 are darker than the uncoated 80/20. You might also want to try their polished (semi round) string which is darker still.

You could even try nickel electric guitar strings of an appropriate gauge. After all, they're your ears. They'll tell you what works.

I am not sure of the 'best'....but the easiest and cheapest seems to me to be....strings, nut , saddle, choice of plectrum device, the type of polish you use(just kidding)....thats about it... without going into shaving braces, soundboard, etc.

Definitely strings first. Phosphor bronze like yours tend to be on the brighter side, so definitely try some other sets. I remember using Dean Markley Alchemy strings several years ago, they were gold plated strings and Im pretty sure theyre no longer available, but maybe youll get lucky. Very clear crisp.and smooth 'sparkly' sound that kept all the treble response, but without sounding sharp at all. Btw if you find some let me know? ;)

Aside from strings, your pick choice makes a big difference. I have a few picks made of lilac wood that really smooth things out. Theyre also slightly rounded in profile which probably helps a little. Pretty well anyone with some basic tools and sandpaper can make wood picks any there are any number of different woods and shapes to try. You just might wear through them quickly depending on your playing style.

As for nuts and saddles, well, who doesnt like bone? But Id try the others first.

So, basically I have just reiterated previous posts.

Strings for sure. Gauge also affects tone, but will require new setup.

D'addario make a silk and steel set which will mellow out anything, get of the heaviest you can get.   Bronze strings "played in" sound warmer than PB.



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