I'm looking online to buy wood blanks for a Les Paul style guitar. Seems ebay drove a lot of the mom and pop shops out of business, and the usual suspects under the luthier supply sites are often on the rather expensive side.

I also found some exotic wood suppliers that seem to be able to offer Honduran mahogany (for example) quite a bit cheaper, in a longer board. But here I don't have enough experience to tell if I'm buying the right thing...

Where do you buy your wood?

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Micha just google Guitar Wood you will find lots of  foks selling wood.   But it has gotten so bad you can't make any money building now anyway .Every thing is to dam exspensive.................. Bill...........

Hey Micha-- give  a try... I have baught from them and they are easy to deal with..

just my two cents....



Buried within an article on Korina Stratocasters in the Feb., 2014 issue of Vintage Guitar Magazine, (info from the future!!!) is the identity of Fender's former and current wood supplier.

Here's a link:

It appears to be "local" for you, in Torrance, CA..

Hope this info is beneficial :)

just called there - they don't do instrument woods anymore...

The REALLY SHOULD update their website. I even visited it before giving you the link.

Here's a copy & paste from their website as of 3 minutes ago:

"Today, Penberthy International specializes in Commercial, Architectural, Music and Marine wood products markets that require exacting quality and machining specifications and on time delivery. In the past five years, Penberthy International has moved to the top choice of those purchasing specialty hardwoods and softwoods. Purchasers rely on our prompt response, accurate characterization, fair pricing and timely supply of lumber and wood products available to fill their needs."

I'm so very sorry and terribly embarrassed for wasting your time, man. I hate it when that happens to me :(

Ha, no worries, that happens when you root around on the internet!

I found great maple at and I am hunting down some reclaimed river honduran mahogany... it's frustrating the first few days but after enough reserch I'll get there... :-)

I buy rough sawn full length boards but my supplier does sometimes have guitar sized blanks cause they supply some of the wood to a few guitar factories. They are World TimberCorp. In Hubert NC, just outside of Jacksonville. If you contact them get a hold of Matt, he is a good guy to deal with.

Boyd - thanks for that tip! I'll get in touch with them! That's exactely the kind of shop I want to give my business to over an anonymus internet click... cheers!


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