Converting acoustic to lefty.  Made rosewood insert for saddle slot.  Glue in with??????

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My choice...Hot Hide Glue

My first inclination too

I always use cyanoacrylate. . .

That might be the answer.  It fits tight.  Thin would wick right in.

You might degrease the parts a bit with acetone first, penmakers tend to do this with the greasier hard woods. And, of course, acetone will clean up any squeezout nicely.

AND, if there is any gap visible, a little rosewood sawdust and CA glue will fill it right in.

Dang I love CA glue. (Not as much as hide glue, but an awful lot.) (Oh heck, I love any glue when it is working for me.)


i'd say run with frank's suggestion for sure.

We've been using thin CA too and it works very well.

Step one for us though is to clean-up the saddle slot first and for us this means getting out the laser guided, vacuum clamped bridge slotting jig and router and milling the slot ever so slightly larger, what ever it takes, to have a cleanly milled and uniform slot.  This makes fitting the plug way easier to have the slot uniform.

Next after selecting the proper material, i.e. ebony, rosewood, BRW, whatever the bridge is we make the plug just as if it was a bone saddle.  We want a snug fit, no gaps, and with the correct grain orientation to match the bridge.  There is a difference between "snug" and having to force the plug in the slot which can stress the bridge in time.  Once the saddle slot blank that we just made fits well and is in place we wick in thin CA and then everything is leveled and cleaned up.

The plug usually is very nearly invisible unless you really look for it.  And then out comes the saddle slotting mill again to cut the new slot.

I'm chuckling a bit here... because when I was a builder only I was kind of sort of an anti-CA-snob not wanting to use CA for anything on the guitars that I build.  These days, in the repair world, I have learned that CA has a place in Lutherie for things such as some finish repairs, gluing a nut, gluing frets and scaring the heck out of your co-workers by adding some accelerator to a pipet with CA in it and throwing it in their general direction...  Please be safe though....  YMMV!

Here it is, all done and ready for routing,  I oiled it, so it's a bit dark.

Wow, that is very nice, almost seamless!


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