Hello All,

I checked out the thread on sources for bone nuts and saddles, and it's nine years old. So here goes the same question again, looking for an update.

I'm looking for wholesale quantities of high quality bleached bone nuts and saddles for classical guitars. Any leads would be most appreciated (:->)...


Brian Burns 

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Brian, is a good source. It is fairly easy to get  a 'dealership' if you have a resale permit.  They seem to have back order delays from time to time. is another source, but limited choice. > They do have some Lutherie related tools / supplies at good prices. I have had some hit and miss luck on ebay from time to time. Tom.   

Hello Thomas,

Thanks for the tips, I'll check them out (:->)...



Don't forget Christie - she came to lots of NCAL meetings.  I've been buying from her for years and she'll get any size you want - all you have to do is ask.  (mention me).  

  Her quality and prices are good, you bet:

Hello Frank,

I hadn't forgotten her, just lost track of her. I remember her well, and the food that she used to bring to NCAL meetings! Thanks for the link.



try saga sagga music link.

If you convince them you are a builder they might 

help you if not let me know and I can supply in quantity .



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