OK sports fans, here's another I thought this was just gonna be a simple set up that is turning into a bigger issue. Customer complained of high action (true).  As I dug in, I discovered the the trem tailpiece took a hard whack forward, pushing both posts out of alignment and crushing one side of the post holes so they both lean toward the bridge PU.  The treble side is ok; I just needed to re-seat it.  The bass side hole is deformed about 1/32.  I tried shimming it with a business card (dumb).  Early 90s Strat with really thick poly finish.  Any ideas for restoring the integrity of the wood to hold the post properly so I can set the action?  As you can see in the photos, it cracked the wood on the treble side and the finish on the bass side.

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Thanks for bring that issue up (give-away's) so I could expand/explain my POV.

I agree with you that we shouldn't give away valuable services a/k/a: bread & butter jobs.  I "give away" things like checking tuner machine screws & button tension when I'm doing a string change, a simple but good cleaning of the body & neck when a guitar is in for other service, and other minor "2 minute" things like that.  My extras are rarely even recognized by the customer but it makes me feel good. It's really just a "return it in better shape than when it came in" philosophy that I embrace.

Re: Stew-Mac--- I agree. If it weren't for Stew-Mac, we'd all still be living in the dark ages of guitar repair.  Even if they stopped selling tools, their informational contribution to the craft would remain unparalleled, especially to the novice and casual repairperson who are not members of professional guilds & organizations. If nothing else, they provide up-to-date & modern solutions which were developed after all the 'classic' repair books were authored/published.

Have a great week my friend(:,


Adding to Rusty's thoughts. I wonder how many 'free' hours Dan has spent teaching? Probably more than your average bear. I met him at the GAL convention in Tacoma, and he was just great. The scripted videos don't do him justice.

Paul's posts always ring true to me. The best stuff around.

Thanks, everyone, great ideas but....this kid's about 20, and I think he said it's his uncle's guitar he's borrowing.  I could do an extensive repair, but I know he can't afford it, and I don't short change myself.  I got bills.  So, he's coming in, I'll educate him on the issue and options, and see where we go.  Personally, I don't think a 90's strat justifies a $500 repair.  Just sayin'.  It needs a refret as well.

Nice work, Nathan, BTW

The hardest thing there is to do, is tell someone the repair exceeds the value of the instrument.

It's a sad thing usually.

Hard for me anyway.

Apparently there are some hard hearted luthiers around.

Well, looks I touched a nerve or something.

Rusty, what I meant was, the "Trade Secrets" newsletter is littered with repair "techniques" that are designed to include Stew Mac tools.

If you read between the lines you can usually pick out the "technique" even buried underneath all that marketing.

And Grahame's question is tangled up in this as well.

Dan's articles are the most littered with marketing of them all.

Now, you will say, "marketing is not bad" and "thank goodness for StewMac" but I say that if they are inventing techniques to sell tools then they are doing you NO FAVORS by doing so.

I, personally did NOT learn everything I know from StewMac.

If it were not StewMac it would be someone else, The Niche would not remain unfilled for long.

You don't have to read between the lines if you don't want to.

As far as going broke or not.

I will go to my grave without a penny to my name if it means the difference between being 100% fair and NOT!

I've been in construction for 34 years and have contracted with many, many other parties and I've almost always been 100% fair. And those cases where I wasn't, I lost just to make sure!

I believe that music is the salvation of us all. If I can help this process at all, I will do so. Granted I am not so helpful, but i do what I can when I can.

I do local students repairs for free because they can't afford it and usually they have NO idea how much a repair costs. I also barter when I can.

If you are Making a really good living at this, then great!

I will continue to Hoe my Own Row

I left out some stuff  about marketing to avoid offending the thin skinned


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