I have noticed on more than one guitar site that wives in the background seem like a bigger threat than the Taliban.Come on admit it there must be more than one guitar being hidden away from She who must be obeyed.Do they get hidden in the shed?-basement?-where?Confess!

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After two divorces (not because of guitars!) I thought I was safe about this sort of problems. I've come back in my family house (I'm lucky I still have one) but... you know... women are women... and mothers ARE women!!! But my mother is 84 and I can newly use the old game of the cases. God bless my mother and forgive me!
Defined areas of containment. All guitars must live in the basement. The exception being that at any time there may be no more than:

(1) guitar on the couch
(1) in the bedroom

Exception: Acoustics can stay in their case under the bed. Very long discussions about this in regards to humidity changes, soundboard cracks, etc. There was a shopping trip (by her) involved in this agreement.

BTW, what is the normal ratio between pairs of shoes and guitars? I would suggest 15 guitars per pair of shoes is reasonable.
All I can tell you is one pair of Prada pumps is roughly a herringbone D-28. If you keep guitars on the floor, just watch out for those spiky heels should you miscalculate! Gig bags are a no go.
I'm confused now. Are they your Prada pumps?

Goodness no, I'd have to buy HER a guitar then!
Wife: Why do you need so many guitars?
Me: They make me feel pretty!
Guitars?? Well its like this- My son in law is a guitar, fiddle,banjo, player and my daughter is a bass player and learning to play the lap top steel.
Between the two of them there must be in the neighborhood of 20+ stringed instrements , and then of corse there is my stuff which consists of 25+ instre ments--
Well mama is so out numbered that she doesnt say anything,HOWEVER, when I make a new guitar or alike,I ask her what she thinks and she usually says "gee that looks like a nice one"--
So I would say that Im one lucky guy and My dear wife dont mind at all...
A lot of this is like my pet psychology theory.-----If you live a really good ,squeaky clean life ,never do anything wrong ,EVER.and somebody passes a remark you get all down and dejected.--but
If you do something ,just a bit naughty, doesn`t have to be much,you don`t need to rob a bank, just a bit dodgy and you get away with it ,well ,then ,you feel absolutely BRILLIANT. So I suppose the wife represents the defence and ,if the game plan works ,Woo Hoo! It takes two to tango.
Maybe that`s what women are always doing when they go into a huddle----Workin out their game plan.
Dear Clueless,
Women were born with game plans and, unless you are ENTIRELY self sufficient, can rightfully be said to hold ALL the power. Whatever you think you're getting away with is all known and being discretely banked away. Payday's comin' and it's gonna make a pair of Pradas look like a pack of gum.

All above board and out in the open. No need for any subterfuge, no need for any tit-for-tat shopping. In fact, there are some instruments I absolutely cannot sell, and a least a few of those were acquired on a guitar-shopping trip with my wife where she said, "you MUST get this guitar."

That said, I don't go overboard with guitars. And I don't buy one unless the household can afford it (and that goes for every major purchase, not just guitars).
John Bushhouse
I`m picturing you tied to a chair and the Nazi interrogater sneering down through his monacle"And you expect me to believe that?
Buy four, then take three back.


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