I'll be taking a much-needed "vacation," starting on Tuesday, May 31.  

First stop will be Kaiser's Cardiac Spa in Santa Clara, where I'll be treated to a triple bypass and mitral valve repair/replacement. 

After about a week, it's back home to Recovery Adventure Land for a month or so.

     (Guess it's too late to apply for different parents with better DNA.)


Right now I don't know when I'll be back on the air, but they tell me I may use my laptop while I'm in the hospital, so it might not be all that long.


In the meantime there will be an obvious delay in approving new members, answering questions and suspending the occasional spammer.  I serve FRETS.COM from my home computer, so if somebody kicks the power cord loose, I'll plug it in soon as I'm back.


Cheers, and THANKS, friends,  for all the good wishes - especially Michi Matsuda and Carol Tao for the special good luck items brought in from Kyoto and Tokyo  -  -  -


Frank Ford

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Best wishes of quick recovery. I'll be sending some positive thinking (I don't know if it's the correct english expression).

you did good expressing your thoughts Pierre



Hi Frank-- Heres wishing you a speedy recovery -- best to you

Peace, Donald

Godspeed, Frank!
Wishing you good luck and a speedy recovery!!!

Dear Frank,


Sorry to hear that your health hasn't been what it should have been. Glad to hear they can "repair" you!


Hope your recovery will be speedy and complete...

Verry best wishes!

Frank, I'm sending prayers for a speedy recovery. It's amazing what the doctors can do with this type of surgery. Looking forward to seeing you back online.
Get well Frank.
My best and my prayers to you Frank.  In a few weeks you may feel better than you have in years. Perhaps you will start a second (third? ) career.
Good Luck, Frank!
All the best, Frank.  Get the rest you need!


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