I'll be taking a much-needed "vacation," starting on Tuesday, May 31.  

First stop will be Kaiser's Cardiac Spa in Santa Clara, where I'll be treated to a triple bypass and mitral valve repair/replacement. 

After about a week, it's back home to Recovery Adventure Land for a month or so.

     (Guess it's too late to apply for different parents with better DNA.)


Right now I don't know when I'll be back on the air, but they tell me I may use my laptop while I'm in the hospital, so it might not be all that long.


In the meantime there will be an obvious delay in approving new members, answering questions and suspending the occasional spammer.  I serve FRETS.COM from my home computer, so if somebody kicks the power cord loose, I'll plug it in soon as I'm back.


Cheers, and THANKS, friends,  for all the good wishes - especially Michi Matsuda and Carol Tao for the special good luck items brought in from Kyoto and Tokyo  -  -  -


Frank Ford

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Best wishes. I hope all goes well.Good luck.  Rich

All the best for your recovery Frank,



Wishing you the best of luck and health Frank.  Heart surgery, while still a major concern and risk, is a lot better and easier than it was years ago.  Larry

Dear Mr Ford, hope all is well and your recovery is under way as planned. Might I suggest, a diet of fresh fruits and veggies (Dr has likely already been here), with soy products, chicken and salmon for protein. A nice bicycle ride early in the mornings (work your way up to about 10 miles a day, casual ride). If you can squeeze it in, 'Tai Chi for health from Master Jim Behrends, Nam Hoa Temple (or a local chapter). Anyway, here's wishing you well and may a speedy recovery and good fortune be with you : >)


I'm ba-a-a-ck!


Again, THANKS for all your good wishes and encouragement.  The cardiac team agreed that it was no the time to question the validity of those talismans, so they let me bring that stuff along into the O.R., in a sterile plastic bag, of course.


I'll try to be on hand here as before, but I do have a bit of recovery to do. . .

Yessir!  Welcome back, Frank! 
Yes , welcome back ! So glad you made it!
Glad to hear things went well! Those medical folks know their stuff, so do everything they tell you to do!


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