A Miraculous, Groundbreaking and Brilliant New Technique!! (not really, but you might find it useful).

Let me know what you think:

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Nice job, Mark!  Better than a 'lazy susan' and it can serve to hold lots of things... Thanks for sharing.

That is a clever one!  And if I spend a bit of time thinking and tinkering I am sure some other similar uses will emerge. 

Thanks for passing it on. 

Great idea Mark and it also solves the issue of how to clamp this very useful little SM vice - great thinking and thanks too for sharing!

We use rare earth magnets frequently for all manner of creative clamping applications but one does have to be careful with these things because they can hurt ya...  They are so very powerful that they can jump when we are not careful and potentially damage people or stuff...

Yesterday I was working on a guitar that I had used larger rare earth magnets to glue up a back brace and while at my bench felt something tugging at my metal belt buckle.... no jokes please...;)  Yep, my belt buckle was too close to the magnets so I had to lose it for a while.  Wonder how many Luthiers have trouble keeping their pants on and for legitimate, occupational reasons as well?  :)  Now I understand why Jethro and Ely used rope....

Great idea Mark!

Jethro was no dummy. As Uncle Jed pointed out "He's got 12 years of education...clean through the 6th grade!".

Brilliant application, Mark.  Kudos :)

Good idea.  I use magnets too.

Beware of pickups!

Since I don't do nuts that often, I'm going to try clamping the nut vise it in my large, swivel base bench vise.  No magnet fallout, either.  

This what I do. Vise in vise.

Here's my take on the StewMac nut-vise...(altho' I'd wish I'd run across Mark's idea before building this).  The vise is raised on a small platform that catches shavings & whatnot.

That platform, in turn, is mounted on a larger base with non-skid feet that grip the bench pretty well, particularly when bearing-down... like in filing or whatever, although the vise itself is heavy enough to bear down on the feet pretty well.

The base is fitted with a holder for a 0.3mm mechanical pencil, which is the only size that will actually mark through the little slots on the string-spacing nut ruler...  also there's a slot to hold a very squared-up piece of acrylic, which I use to rest a nut blank upon in the vise, as it ensures the nut is canted one way or the other in the vise.  

But now I might tear it all apart and use Mark's magnet idea:)

Nice setup, Mike!  Perhaps you could remove the rubber feet and install a neodymium magnet into the wood base with a matching 1 sq in steel insert inlaid into your bench. Then you wouldn't have to worry about laying something electronic on the magnet.

Here's how I attach removable items. Other than the Parrot Vise, I have two neck rests - one for electric and one for acoustics and a couple of tool rests that will fit into the two outside brass inserts. I can move them all between benches.

(BTW, how does one place photos inline?)


Wow!  Now we're talking, Robbie.... I can keep all my little goodies and still use the magnet set-up!  Good thinking, for sure.  I particularly like putting the magnet in the base instead of the bench, as it's nice to know where the magnet is (and where it isn't) at all times:)    Your clamping knob set-up is another great idea... makes the benchtop much more convertible when the need arises.

For putting photos in the post, use the "image" box (above, on the left next to "link"), then it's pretty-much follow the bouncing ball.

I just love how the ideas flow when you geniuses get together!


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