I've finally got the 100 yr old parlor Washburn back together. Originally it had gut strings, and I'd like to string it up with nylon now so as not to put too much strain on the neck. I replaced the bridge with a pyramid style one with pegs, and now I find I don't know how to attach a bead to the classical nylon strings I've got -- the lower strings that are wound.

I know there's a couple manufacturers out there who make "folk nylon" strings with beads, and I've been underwhelmed with their quality. I was thinking I would put Savarez on this guitar.

So. Anyone have a  solution or a workaround for this?


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Martin makes a string that you are looking for with a ball end... check arround the net.. Peace,Donald
You can use hobbyist sewing "beads" as the ball end. Tie them on the strings with a figure 8 knot. Google both sewing beads and figure 8 knot for the exact directions. Happy holidays!
I've found that the wound strings usually don't need beads; just a good size knot will hold fine.

I bought some Savarez nylon strings now, and some silver beads, and knotted the string below the bead. I may not need the bead, Greg, on the lower strings, but since I replaced the bridge plate where the old strings tore through the top, I'm being extra cautious about what presses up into the new bridge plate. Thank you all for the help. Blessings,


I'm with Greg, beads aren't necessary. I also recommend Savarez Yellow Card/Carte Jaune classical guitar strings for guitars like this. Of all the nylon strings, they are the most like real gut, in sound and feel.
You can try these Italian strings to replace gut strings : Aquila.

My issue with Aquila strings is that they are very soft, have far more memory (meaning you can't retune them to other tunings without five minutes of fine retuning each time) and they're shiny and slippery. Real gut strings have a matte surface, as do the Savarez Cartes Jaunes. Aquilas do sound nice—dainty and delicate—but the Savarez string have way more (ahem) balls.


Not sure about the tension, but Martin makes an M130 set, called compound silk and steel.

I think they run .11 to .47 and have ball ends. My brother turned me on to them for small parlor guitars.

They are very comfortable to play. Still not as low tension as nylon. Happy New Year.

I use Hematite beads from the bead store, don't use plastic. A simple overhand knot works for all but the treble E string but if you take a few more loops with the overhand knot it works just fine.


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