1980's Taylor 512 - Fingerboard Top Crack - Worth it?

Hi all - new to the forum, and first post. 

There is a 1980's Taylor 512 for sale near me, and the seller is interested in trading it for my 1996 G&L Legacy (which I would like to sell).  Value-wise, the trade looks OK on paper, but I noticed in the picture that there is a fingerboard top crack (as described on on the treble side of the fingerboard, and this most likely a serious structural issue with the instrument.  The current owner says that the crack was repaired, and I have not seen the guitar in person, but from the pictures it looks good otherwise. 

I have attached a picture, which shows some of the damage caused by the crack.  The most noticeable defects are the deformed soundhole and top separation from the binding/purfling around the 14th fret - all presumable caused by said crack.  Any input would be valued - should I trade, or stay away from this one?  Thanks.

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If it has been repaired, it has been repaired poorly. That looks just terrible. If you still want it, i'd first demand to take it to a luthier to be examined.

Thing is, this should not have been a difficult repair with a bolt-on neck. I'd star asking a lot of questions about who repaired it and if there is a receipt for the repair, and if the seller gets upset, walk away.

The crack may have been glued but it doesn't look like the serious issue with the loose neck block has been addressed.

I would have to agree with Greg the top of the end block has come lose and the top has moved ahead on the one side. It would not have been that hard to fix at the time but now it still has to be done at your cost or his........Bill....

I agree, have it thoroughly looked over by a reputable repair person before you take the plunge.  That way you'll know what you're getting into.

I'd pass. The whole geometry looks shifted to me.

I agree that this hasn't been correctly or sufficiently repaired. It seems to me that, unless this is a VERY good deal, this is something you should take a pass on. There are other guitars.

Glen H hit the nail right on the head with that. Look at the way the bass E string is almost falling off the neck. Red flags are going up everywhere.

To make it a structurally sound instrument of this quality, a re-top (and most likely several other repairs), is in order.

I'd pass on it UNLESS you're willing to have it rebuilt by Taylor which means you'd have to get it for about $10 to make the repair cost effective.

It is, in its current condition, definitely NOT WORTH a straight up trade for a USA made G&L Legacy....or any other quality instrument for that fact.

Thank you to everyone for the responses and advice.  I was originally on the fence with this one, as the current owner said the crack was repaired ten years ago and has been more or less stable since then.  But, after hearing all of this input, especially the off-geometry comments, I asked the seller a few more questions and learned that the crack runs through the entire top, and has multiple cleats installed.  This explains the geometry shift noted by Niel, and Paul was right on about the top replacement. 

Thanks again to everyone - this post was worth while and very informative.  Glad to be part of the community. 


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