If Frank says it's ok to post pretty pictures, I would love to see on-going and latest finished instruments here.

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Nice work, Martin.... and I particularly like the arrangement of the keys on the headstock, the pull for each string looks dead straight in-line. Is the body 100% hollowed or in chambered sections?

...a very handsome guitar, sir.
all hollow, to allow the top to vibrate a little. it's thinned to about 4mm over most of the area....

anyway, back to OTHER folk instruments!!
I already posted this first picture elsewhere but since I found this thread, I'll put it here too. 8-track uke.

And then the non-playable Copenhagen banjo.

Not a luthier, but I like to tinker, set up, repair, and refinish. Here is an LP copy I'm refinishing for a friend. Here it is when I first started working on it

And after stripping

Here is one of mine I'm refinishing/rebuilding at the same time

And here are both with a couple of clearcoats. They both have a few more weeks drying time ahead of them.

hey Mike -- looks like you have the beginings of a couple of nice looking axxes there
show them when you get done OK?? Donald
Thanks Donald, I will! It'll be awhile. I've still got a couple of weeks before it's time to wetsand and buff the bodies. When that's done, assuming there are no sand-throughs in the finish, I'll assemble and set up the LP style and deliver it to my friend. I'll get some pics of that before I turn it over to him.
As far as the strat goes, I'm still trying to decide whether to use the existing neck, which is ok, but the nut width at 1 & 9/16" is a little narrow for my taste. I'm contemplating whether or not to build one to my specs. Here is the hardware for that one. I still have to order pickups, guard and electronics.

OK, I've completed the refinish of the LP copy. Here are some pics.

Nice work, Mike!
Thanks, Mike!
that is some nice work there.......
Electric mandolin anyone?

I was chatting with a guitar buddy last week and we got onto emandos...

he'd never heard of such a thing, I'd never seen one up close.... Just Steve Earl circa 1990 from the back of a concert hall.....

Strat shaped ones are few & far between......

so I raided the scrap box for a lump of Ash & a strip of Maple.....

added a Stewmac EIR fretboard.....

4 tuners, 2 knobs and a broken bridge off a squier strat....

and half a precision style split bass pup......

and in 5 days during lunchbreaks and after work.....




beside a big sister to give an idea of size.......

still a fair bit to tidy, but it is SUCH fun to play I couldn't bear to leave it down!!


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