Hi folks, hope all is well with everyone.
I'm re-setting the neck in an ovation at the moment and was wondering if anyone has any good ways of clamping when it comes to re-fitting it.
I've done this job a few times before and always ended up with a combination of strings and rubber straps and although it has always worked never felt it was the best way. Its always felt a little like juggling soot at clamp up time.
I've been looking for an elegant solution - I'm sure there is one.
Funny how you know when you've found the right way to do a job - and I know for sure that my way is not it.
Any thoughts?


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What kind of Ovation are you working on?

If you have Friendly Plastic® or something similar on hand, you could quickly make a decent caul(use slip resistant padding on it). As you know, the clamping setup will vary from model to model with Ovations. I prefer the bolt-on Ovations. Most of the Ovation dovetails I've seen are chock full'o epoxy (or some kind of space-age gap-filling glue)

Oh, and are you refitting a dovetailed neck joint, or bolt on ? Sorry I tought you meant, clamping a freshly resetted neck.

The bowl-back presents some clamping problems for sure. Have you considered using 1" nylon rachet straps or hand-made wooden clamps in conjunction with some custom-made clamping cradles secured to you bench?
Stretchy duct tape!
Poor devil... I don't envy you, this gig...

I've pulled them together from the inside with a pockethole screw.

Now, in all seriousness, I find the best way to deal with them, is for someone else to do it.
Ha ha yea seems like this is a job we all hate.
Its one of the thinner bowl backs and they've used a glue that seems like a pva with wood dust in it.
Yea I know - how was it ever going to stick to plastic!
Its a tenon with a bit of a sloppy dovetail too.
I'll have to get some of that 'friendly plastic' - haven't played with it yet.
Think I'm just going to have to use my old rubber strap clamping and some kind of holding jig.
I'll post a photo of the clamping I end up with.

Throw that thing in the dumpster.!!



It's amazing how many people like them.

If someone loves a guitar and it needs work - I do it. It's not my call if money should be spent on it or not.

 I have no idea why someone would rate a modern bowl back but plenty do - I must be missing something.

 Oh the luxury of a dumpster :-)

  I think, though, Hofner would be first up against the wall come the revolution.

Y reset the neck just stretch the bowl so the neck corrects its own position your gonna need heating blankets and thermometers and practice 

Thanks Frank - I wish I knew you mate.

Cos I can't tell if this is some amazing FF bowl bending technique I should be looking into or you're taking the P..s 


I  made a cradle for the one i repaired first and straped it down then you have some thing to work  with. BILL...........


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