I was pretty unhappy to get a call from one of my favourite customers that the glue joint on his 90s Les Paul had opened up less that three months after completion. 

I used a brand new bottle of white glue, which has always worked for these repairs with me before. The really painful part of all this is the now ruined paint touch up that I did that took several weeks to get  up to par is now totally ruined.

 I had this guys axe for 9 weeks total, now here he is going to have to be waiting for it again.

 I need some ideas on how to proceed folks. I just took the machines and strings off, and am patiently waiting for some Adult Supervision here. 

   Thanks folks...

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The kit frank is talking about is indeed the slow hardener kit - #206. Lee Valley sells it:,110,42...

 CRAP!!! There is a delivery from Lee Valley sitting on my Ex's table a few blocks from here! It just was delivered this morn!!! 

 Man, 72 bucks a kit too! That is a lot of cash! 

I'll just shut up and order it now... 

Hey Kerry, LV  has free shipping for orders over $40. it ends today.

Don't doddle.


I sometimes use clear packing tape to get glue into a joint. The idea is that you get a glob of glue on the crack and then try to put the tape on in a way that seals all around the crack and only let's the glue run into the crack when you push on it. It works well for flat surfaces but I've had some luck on headstock's. Kerry the idea for this came from something Al Racketti said to me.

 Young John, I would been some pics of what you are talking about. It is not clear to me at all... 


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