While getting the neck off my Guild D35 project today, I found a chunk of soundhole rosette sitting in the dovetail area.

I can just imagine some poor slob trying to find the source of a buzzing sound, and getting nowhere as he checks the frets, the nut, the bridge, the strings, the tuners, the strap button, the braces, the..... You get the idea. I doubt this thing made much sound, but talk about a weird thing to have sitting in there. Between that and the cracked fret, this is proving to be a really interesting job.

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What is it? 

A chunk of the soundhole rosette. I'm not sure how it got in there, or stayed in there. The rosette looks fine, it's just debris from manufacturing.

I have an old Guild Starfire bass I that was converted to a Starfire II a long time ago, long enough that the Hagstrom Bisonic pick up was still available. The wiring (as well as some other things) was bad when I got it so I yanked everything out and made a new harness. When I went to install the new harness, I couldn't get a mini switch up into the horn. There was a small piece of wood between the center block and side. There was just not enough room to get the switch under or over it. I grabbed it with forceps, saying "if it would just move a bit..."and it popped out. I'm assuming it was there to hold the side against the mold when the bass was made. It was not glued in. This seems to indicate the quality control at Guild.


This is a picture of the bass. Note the light colored wooden ring. Apparently the person who did the conversion couldn't get the selector up into the horn. So they drilled a hole large enough to put the selector in from the top, glued a ring to hold it, then covered this with a very period rosewood ring. When I get my finish chops together I'll try to make that hole disappear, along with the one under the F hole, when the output jack had been moved...



Just when you thought you've seen it al...


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