I am considering purchase of a 1960's Hofner bass that needs a neck reset. Has anyone here done a reset on Beatle or club bass? I have done several neck removal and resets on cheaper parlor style guitars. Any serious complications with the Hofner? Proactive tips appreciated. Thanks..

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Maybe a bit harsh, Paul?  Sure it can be googled quickly, but perhaps the gentleman has heard good reports about our lil' group and wanted to get some opinions from anyone who's actually done the work here. 

I haven't reset a Hofner myself, but no doubt others have and Mr. Capo's probably looking for some direct hands-on advice from those with the experience.  Just sayin'...

Hi Mike.

The link & message have been deleted.

I am sorry I have not had the time to check this thread until now. Seems I missed out on an apparently cute and clever post by one of the "master craftsmen" in the li'l old group. I have been anticipating the day when I delete this link, because there are fortunately many other forums where folks don't have such large ego's and small, self absorbed hearts and minds.

Hi Frank.

It was a link to a photo essay page which gave instructions on how to remove the neck from a vintage Beatle bass.

Mike referred to my comment that it took me 10 seconds to find it with a Google Search and my suggestion that you should give Google Search a try sometime. That's about it almost word for word.

No worries.

I'm sure you'll get the help you deserve.

Happy Easter. :)

I've owned a couple of the early 60s Hofner violin basses. Both necks were fairly loose when I got them and a good tug took them off.


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