Hi and thanks for all the good info here.

I am looking for a referral to a good pickup maker, I would really like to buy from somebody connected to this forum, or with a recommendation from here.

I'm looking for Humbuckers to go in my Les Paul style builds.

Thanks !!!

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yeah you know I am making a living as a guitar player and I am all about supporting small independent businesses, artists, musicians, guitar builders - we are all in the same boat. I live in Guitar Center hell here in LA and I REALLY want to give my business to somebody with a small home business, haha...

It's way more fun too, I got in touch with some really cool people during my hunt for wood suppliers, parts, bridges, all of it. StewMacDonalds is fast and easy, I'll give them that, but also expensive....!

Lollar has a great book on rewinding pickups and making a pickup winder.

In addition to Rusty's recommendation, Seymour Duncan's JB in the bridge and Jazz in the neck also make a nice 'basic' set to compare to, and get a good deal of flexibility to boot. When I cant envision what the 'average' player will want for a guitar I plan to sell, I usually go for this set where humbuckers are concerned, unless Im building something thats geared toward a specific group.

I too considered looking at 'boutique' pickup makers/local guys, but to be honest I couldnt justify the extra hassle/expense for a product that the average player doesnt recognize or trust. I can only chase down so many details between having limited resources and a day job. Of course it could be considered a little hypocritical, because the vast, vast, vast majority havent heard of me either. But of course if someone wanted boutique or homemade pickups Id be glad to oblige them if the quality is there, and the maker offered good support.
Btw, it seems there are a number of pickup makers on the ReRanch forum, you may want to give a holler there.

Duncans and Dimarzio can't go wrong with those. 


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