Anyone using a workstation on a pedestal, like Howard's or StewMac's?

I need to switch to a workstation I can sit at, and it seems like there are a lot of advantages to using something like the Howard's Total Vise setup or StewMac's setup for this.  Wondering if anyone has a setup like this, how it changed your workflow and how you like it.

The one task I can think of where this would be a problem is refretting, but I have another bench I could use for that.

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Hi Eric, yes I have two of these island workstations 

. One in my repair shop and one in the building shop. I'd be lost without them. and... Not only do they each have a plain work tabletop, but I use them to attach 10 different jigs for different jobs, it saves me having to move other work off of my regular benches, as these are always free and quickly adaptable. The one in the repair shop converts from tabletop to neck-work jig in 30 seconds. Just undo one clamp. The neck jig normally stays clamped on the island base table as it's a pain to store it away. I'm space poor. Or maybe that should that be experiencing jig overload, Haha. Cheers Taff


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