Does anyone have a good source for a classy archtop tail piece?  Checked Elderly, Allparts, StewMac, LMI... .  I'm thinking of one something like Steve Andersen or Dana B uses... .

Something like this: would be cool.



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Trying using the search field in the upper right hand corner:

National will sell you one - check what it looks like here.

Can't go wrong with a proven design unless you want the art deco you find on a New Yorker.

Larry,  Luthier's Mercantile sells some pretty large pieces of ebony and rosewood for making your own tailpiece.  I am sure if you bought a few pieces ( they are pretty darn cheep) and shoed us here some sketched designs, that we would be able to vet it for you and you would end up with something memorable. 

What do ya think?

And a 'How To' photoessay for you. OK. I am finished!

Hello. Larry. Please take a look at my Home page on this site, I custom make reproductions of long extinct archtop tailpieces as well as one of a kind originals,

 Thanks John Lambdin

Thanks to all.  There's a lot of good leads, here.



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