Bill passed away and was the ultimate human! I (a nobody on phone) called him about a few pickup configurations. He talked patiently with me and send several hand drawn schematics! Here's his Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster wiring that I have installed on many guitars with superior results. Thanks again Bill!

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RIP, Bill.  Love those Keystones.

Very cool! Thanks for sharing.

RIP....I always had respect for Bill Lawrence' stuff!

One of my early acoustics came with a Bill Lawrence spring-loaded soundhole pickup. I wish that I still had that P'up!!!...A good one!

BTW: I feel this wiring is superior to the standard Stratocaster control system. It is very intuitive and allows every pickup combination. I have wired many guitars this way and the owners always love it. They never miss that middle pickup tone knob. For those that do not read schematics: Three way switch controls neck and bridge pickups with master volume and master tone. The third knob blends in the middle pickup when you want it in the mix. An easy, and reversible, modification. Slick!

Thanks for passing that out, TJ.

I completely missed that 3-way schematic, Duh-uh! I will have to try that out!


Thanks from me too, Tom (for the schematic).

Bill was a great guy and valued performance over profit.

I know several players who have several of Bill's original pups (including a few "Velvet Hammers") and they won't part with them for any reasonable amount.  Bill's products were so good because he kept everything simple, paid attention when winding and used top line components.

Bill was a true Artist/Engineer/Craftsman.


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