Can anyone tell me how to get a black color for a pore filler? The Stew-Mac water base ebony dries out to a shade of grey (not acceptable). I added some TransTint black to wallboard joint compound and ended up with a purple-ish shade of grey (also not acceptable). The back & sides I am filling are indian rosewood. Thank you folks, I love this forum!

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So, what is the new black? Maybe charcoal or ebony dust may work?

Thanks Roger

Take a look at Frank talks about lampblack.Here is link

Thank you for your reply Scott

That one looks great. I've just ordered some.

HI Allen,

What finish are you putting over the top of the grain filler?  The reason I ask is that when you spray your finish over the "grey" water based filler it generally turn black as the surface absorbs and reflects the finish medium.   Did you test this ?  We make our water based pore filler from a neutral base and use MEK dyes to tint them.    The black stuff dries powdery grey until the finish hits it. 



Thanks for your reply Russell. I use the KTM9 water base finish, and I brush it on with very good results. No I haven't tested it yet. Looks like that will be my next step, Thanks again.

Timbermate makes an ebony filler.

If you need a black powder - Behlen makes Furniture Powders that can be mixed with a substrate and Fatmax makes a black "chalk" for filling chalk reels.

Thanks Robbie, however one of the reviewers says it can't be used with water based finishes. Thanks again.

try using charcoal tablets  that is black!! I also use on violin finger bards just a black lacquer  spray on a cloth rub on the wood finger board and than I use the side if my hand and polish it till dry.


I added some TransTint black to wallboard joint compound and ended up with a purple-ish shade of grey

Trans Tint Black is really a very dark Indigo, not a true Black. Adding some Yellow or Vintage Amber makes a more convincing result but still not a true Black. Does kill the Purple though. 

Thanks Paul, I'll keep that in mind


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